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If you are anything like me, you may find yourself getting bored of a character. For some of you, you may have made a mistake while building that characters skills and attributes. It can be excited and also quite tedious starting a new character. So, to make things easier, I have created a list of Witcher 3 Builds that’ll keep you busy developing Geralt into the man, or Witcher, you want him to become. This doesn’t include Witcher 3 mods, just to warn you! Lets gets started.

Top 10 Best Witcher 3 Builds

1.) Alchemist Build – Craftiest Witcher Build

If you are a strategic and analytical player that loves a good challenge. This build is for you. When done correctly, this type of build will make Geralt and unstoppable force. However, making a few careless choices or throwing yourself into battle when unprepared could lead Geralt into a world of pain.

Getting started, pay close attention to your Bomb and Oil prep skills within your Alchemy tree, they are the bread and butter for this build. These skills allow for you to stack dangerous potions on your blades which will severely weaken your enemies depending on their tolerances to the potion concoction. You can also build bombs, who doesn’t like blowing stuff up?

So what is dificult about this build? For starters, you need to be aware of Geralt’s health, more specifically, his toxicity levels. Additionally, this is a slower build as you’ll find yourself busy foraging the Witcher map and gathering up your list of deadly ingredients for potions and bombs. Like I said, if you take the time to prepare yourself, you’ll triumph over the deadliest of monsters, but Geralt won’t stand a chance if you are reckless.

2.) Signs-Alchemy Build – Most Strategic Build

Do you enjoy a game of chess? No, then move along to the next build. If you answered yes, this may be a fun one for you as you’ll need to outsmart your opponent with both Alchemy and Signs. Not only will you need to know Getralt’s abilities and skills, you’ll need to study your enemy and know what their strengths and weaknesses are. That is essentially what this built is, an exploitation tool of our enemies.

Just make sure you focus on Rage Management, within Geralt’s skill tree, and Refreshment from the Alchemy table. This will allow Geralt to combined adrenaline with stamina, a deadly combo. To make it the perfect trifecta, you’ll need to utilize your strength. That is were the Firestream skills from within your Signs skill tree comes into play.

Take this build carefully slow and really hone your skills using it as it can be difficult later on in the game. However, do have fun with it!

3.) Combat-Signs Build – Well-Rounded Build

If you’ve ever played a game like Diablo, you’ll notice that there is always that character class that is slightly over powered (OP). Not that they have unfair attributes or better weaponry, they just are natural masters of multiple disciplines. They have the brains and the brawns. In Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo 2, that class was called the Paladin, which is equivalent to the Combat Signs Build in Witcher 3.

This build is a combination of mastering the sword and using magic. The first layer of this onion is to master a Sign called Igni, which will severely reduce your enemies defenses. Next, use the Quen Sign for protection before the chaos that is about to commence. This Shield will give you your own impregnable shield that even the most menacing of monsters would back down from. Last, use a skill within the Alchemy skill tree that’ll improve your attack. Once you have mastered the three, go to town!

4.) Full Hybrid Build – Diverse Witcher Build

The Hybrid Build is the build we would recommend if you want a good challenge but also love to try new skills and game play techniques. This build is challenging in that you’ll never master any one skill, since you’ll be spread thin trying to learn new skills. However, the hybrid build will make Geralt the most complete and well-rounded warrior that ever lived. This is a high risk build, so be selective with how you develop your character skills.

5.) High Defense Build – Most Defensive Build

I would argue that there are three main classes of builds that then branch off into specific variations of the three build classes. These would include; defensive, offensive and mixed. So far we have covered mixed builds that combine both offense and defense. This next build falls into the defensive class.

The High Defense Build is for that player that can stay calm while outlasting their enemy or timing the perfect shot. In boxing, we call this a counter puncher. This build is quite simple, just focus on any defensive skills and master them. We like to use Quen, Aard and Yrden. The choice is yours for combat, but we recommend a defensive attack if possible, making you 99% defense.

6.) Full Sign Build – Hardest Witcher 3 Builds

To magic, or not to magic, that is the question. Okay, some of the others builds may be difficult, either in the beginning or in the end game. The Full Sign, or as we like to call the Full Magic, is extremely difficult during late stages of the game as it relies 100% on Geralt’s magical abilities. We don’t recommend starting with this build, but if you know what to expect in the game, give this build a try for a “fun” time.

7.) High Offense Build – Highest Attack Build

For a truly 100% offensive build, this is the build for you. This is the type of build that will drop the most powerful monster on the map, instantly. However, if the fight is prolonged where Geralt would soon lose stamina, or if an enemy gets an attack off on you, you may be in for a world of hurt. This Witcher 3 build is great for ending an enemy quick, but Geralt enters unfamiliar territory every second longer that the battle lasts.

Whether you choose a fast attacking build or a strong attack build here, it is crucial that you still focus on Muscle Memory and Strength Training, along with heavy offensive skills like Fire Stream. I wish we could watch this Geralt take on the High Defense Geralt… an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

8.) Agile Build – Quickest Witcher 3 Builds

Sometimes strength just isn’t enough. Not only will it slow you down, but you may find yourself underestimating your enemy all together if you go into battle over confident. This Agile Build will keep you humble, tactical and prepared for any adversary. Don’t mistake this build for having low offensive skills, it is quite the opposite. You’ll just need to focus on Fast Attack skills instead.

As for the exact skills to master, we recommend the Whirl Skill, it’ll allow for your speed to amplify when fighting a group and will help you deal a significant amount of damage, quicker. Since this is geared toward speed, opt for light armor choices, such as those belonging to the Cat School.

9.) Tank Build – Strongest Witcher 3 Builds

Every game you play will have a tank build, sometimes it is a barbarian, and other times it is a guy with a heavy machine gun. In Witcher 3, a tank build is the perfect combination of strength and attack skills, giving you the ability to rip apart almost any monster you face. Simply focus your skills on Strong Attacks within your skill tree to increase overall attack damage. Also, choose something like Bear School to help amplify your attack rating. I highly recommend this build as it is very beginner friendly, and typically has great success throughout the game.

10.) Combat-Alchemy Build – Best Overall

If there is one thing to take away from our list, it is the Combat-Alchemy Build. This build has shown time after time that it can sustain any opponent and it is typically the crowd favorite. It is half Combat and half Alchemy, surprising right? It is truly the perfect recipe for destruction.

Witcher 4 News

I hear a lot of people asking for Withcer 4 News, some are worried that it’ll never come out, sort of like the final book of Game of Thrones. However, the Witcher series is a massive collection of books written by Andrej Sapkowski. It wasn’t until 2007 when the books were finally transcribed into English which is why we are seeing a massive adoption of the series lately, because nobody knew of it!

The other reason we are seeing the Witcher series take off is because it is simply amazing. With that being said, there will absolutely continue to be more and more content pushed since we are only just discovering Geralt. Whether or not the producers name the next game “Witcher 4”, they will definitely be putting forward another game at some point. How could they not? For now they are focused on Cyberpunk 2077 and I guess that can be okay for now…

When the game finally is released, it will be absolutely epic. I recommend making sure you have the hardware specs in place for when that time comes! Take a look at our recommendation for the best gaming laptops in 2020 where we mention our list of the top gaming laptops you can buy, today.