why am I suddenly bad at video games

Why Am I Suddenly Bad At Video Games

We have all been through the ups and downs of gaming. One moment we are taking first place in everything we play and the next minute we find ourselves getting killed by a ten-year-old while playing Halo. Some of you may even wonder “why am I suddenly bad at video games?” Well, you’re not alone!

It turns out that most gamers ask the question, not once, but often! It is quite common for people that play video games to have downward trends in performance, that typically results in frustration. Rather than asking “why am I suddenly bad at video games’, you should be asking, ‘how do I get back to playing at the level I was before?”

Why Am I Suddenly Bad At Video Games

To answer the question of “why am I suddenly bad at video games”, one must first decide if anything has changed recently. If you’ve changed your game play, go back to what was working. If the game has changed, you need to adapt. Additionally, make sure your gaming setup is optimized for you so that you can remain focused, comfortable and precise.

If you’re part of the group that has gone from slaying the most monsters in Diablo 3 to leading your team in deaths, you may want to check this out before putting down the controller forever. You can only be on top of your game for so long before succumbing to a downward spiral into a dark abyss with endless screaming at your computer monitors as someone snipes you from across the map again.

Did you suddenly start performing poorly? No, probably not. Has the competition gotten better? Maybe, but that’s still not the reason. So, what changed? The simple answer, NOT YOU!

Complacency While Gaming

If you get good at something, like playing video games, and you become complacent, odds are that your tactics will become obsolete over time. Whether someone figures your tactics out or the game has an update, your system will get figured out or become archaic. If you ask Charles Darwin, you probably won’t survive if you can’t adapt.

Gamers are great at figuring out how to overcome obstacles and beat the system, even if it is your own system. Most gamers are hackers in that they stress test games, and figure out the path of least resistance, which ultimately leads them to becoming the best gaming goat.

Gaming Goat – Adapt or Die

When you stick with what you know, and are comfortable with, you become singular and lose your title of “gaming goat”. You miss out on learning and acquiring new skills and it becomes easy for someone to surpass you. One could also argue that when you use the same tactics, you become less competitive because you stop practicing. This forces you to only use those skills when you need to rely on them.

Gaming Setup

One reason for the decline in your gaming abilities is that you are not playing the game properly. No, not your actual gameplay, but the way you are experiencing the game. More specifically, your gaming setup. Having a proper setup not only provides a fully immersive experience, which arguable enhances your abilities, but the hardware itself also improves game performance.

If you are gaming on a console and not a PC, this list may still pertain to you and be applied to your game play and hardware specifications.

Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is a staple that many gamers overlook. The mouse is an extension of your hand, and odds are, your hand is needed in whatever game you are playing. Whether it is to deal damage, steer a car or climb a building, your hand is needed virtually to achieve your goal. These gaming mice are so valuable because they are typically weighted and specifically fitted to pair with your hand. This bond allows for complete cohesion and precision.

Additionally, the gaming mouse helps because they are highly programmable with all sorts of added keys, buttons, knobs and various doohickeys to help you play better. These can be used to automate simple and complex tasks, which allows for you to focus on the mission. When you use a gaming mouse, you typically stop button mashing and focus on precise finite skills.

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Gaming Keyboard

The gaming keyboard typically has the same keys as that of a regular computer keyboard, but it often boasts a few unique features to help aid in game play. These include special raised, textured or sized keys to help cut down on time wasted trying to locate important keys, a back light for night gaming, mechanical keys for easier game play and maintenance, USB ports, volume control and wireless pairing.

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Gaming Speaker or Gaming Headphones

This may be a shocker to some, but with certain games, noise is very important. For example, if you are playing a game that requires killing another player, it may require that you sneak up on them. If you have noise cancelling headphones, you can sometimes hear an enemy approaching in the game which just goes to show you how advanced video games have become. Neat, huh?

No, not always! I remember nearly having a heart attack on multiple occasions as friends sneak up behind you, only to stab you the second you turn around when you think you hear something. Talk about waking you up! I recommend playing Resident Evil 7 with the noise turned up, you may need a diaper though.

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Gaming Desk

Next on our list is the gaming desk, the place where all your junk goes. Just kidding, us gamers actually like to maintain a tidy work space. After all, we are artists and virtual athletes, not slobs!

The gaming desk is so important because it can help keep every other component in line and organized. Also, gaming desks typically can be converted to standing or sitting desks which is unique for those of us that can’t make up our minds. Some games I need to sit (Diablo 3), others I need to stand (Fight Night Round 4), that’s where these desks come in handy.

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Gaming Chair

A properly fitted and positioned gaming chair is important for anyone looking to be competitive, or at least sit for hours on end. If you are uncomfortable, you become distracted which leads to bad game play. When someone asks me “why am I suddenly bad at video games”, I typically ask them if they are comfortable and focused. Odds are, if they are either uncomfortable or not focused, their game play will suffer.

Gaming chairs are unique in that they can provide an immersive experience, especially the ones that recline, vibrate and produce noise. Additionally, they can improve posture while also offering temperature control. If you haven’t experienced a gaming chair, we recommend buying one.

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Gaming Monitors

Gaming Monitors are a no-brainer when it comes to gaming setups. You need to be able to see if you want to be competive. On top of that, you need gaming hardware that will allow for you to be competive. For example, refresher rates on monitors are crucial at higher competition levels. If you and an enemy run into each other at the same time, one of you will see it and react faster if your refresh rate is higher.

Also, having multiple screens is typically recommended for imporived performance as long as they aren’t distracting you. Personally, I have a monitor open for game research, one with a game map or skill tree, and one for the actual game. Some people also recommend using a curved monitor as it provides more of an immersive experience, which yields better performance.

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Gaming Computer

This one doesn’t even need to be mentioned, yet, I feel as though I must. If you are gaming on a laptop or desktop that is slow or outdated, you probably won’t be any good. Just like your network connection, your gaming setup and abilities rely on a well oiled, high level gaming device.

Also, most games have a minimum requirement baseline for tech specs, but we always recommend having slightly better hardware specs that what they recommend, especially for when massive updates occur and change that minimum threshold.

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So, Why Am I Suddenly So Bad At Video Games?

To sum up what we talked about above, there may be multiple reasons for why your gaming abilities have been lackluster, there are two main reasons. The first reason is that complacency kills. If you are not forced to adapt and practice new skills, your enemy will figure you out. Did the Greeks give up and sail home or did they figure out a way to penetrate the Trojan Wall?

Lastly, your gaming setup is closely correlated to your gaming success. Having the right components and peripherals are paramount for a successful game campaign. Trying to compete with others when they are on top of the line Alienware laptops while you are using a 1998 Macintosh is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.