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GTA 5 News – Best DLCs, Updates and more

Grand Theft Auto 5 Now on Xbox Game Pass

Did you hear?!? One of the top played video games, GTA 5, is now live on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass! This is big GTA 5 News for our Microsoft gaming readers, Check it out.

But why should I care about the news of GTA 5, a 7 year old video game, coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Well, most of you already know why this is such great news… the game is massive and offers so much content that many of us find ourselves returning to time after time. I can’t think of a better video game that is just as fun to play a second, third or tenth time. I like to think of Grand Theft Auto 5 as that best friend that you may not see in years, but when you get back together, it is like you never skipped a beat.

For those of you that haven’t had the luxury of playing this game online with all of your friends, wreaking havoc across the game map, you are missing out. Don’t believe me? Check out the top 10 games being played on Steam, even today. Yeah that’s right, GTA 5 is still near the top of the list.

GTA 5 New Update, GTA 5 DLCs

One of the reason we love Rockstar Games, and the reason people keep coming back to enjoy the same game year after year is the updated content and bug fixes.

Over the past 7 years, Rockstar Games has fixed nearly every bug in the game and continues to make the game both competitive and addicting. The reason for this is the GTA 5 DLCs and added content. During this time, they have added things like new vehicles, new weaponry and clothing while also releasing new game content, missions and game modes. Check out the latest GTA 5 DLCs.

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