fight night 5 new fight night 2020 game release

Fight Night 5 – A New Fight Night 2020 Release

New EA Sports Game

Will there finally be a Fight Night Round 5, Fight Night 2020, Fight Night Champion 2, or Fight Night 5 nearly 10 years later? Personally, we hope it gets releases on another platform as it would make for one of the best Wii U games.

If you haven’t enjoyed the slug fest that is Fight Night, you need to stop reading this right now and go buy the game. In case you aren’t aware, Fight Night is a series of boxing video games that were created by EA Sports back in the day before they started focusing on UFC games.

The last release in the series was in 2011 with Fight Night Champion. Even 10 years later, the game mechanics are spectacular and we often find ourselves enjoying the game all over again. Whether you like to challenge the greatest boxers of all time, climb the ranks with your own created character or beat the story mode with Andre Bishop, the game never gets old. So will there be a return the boxing ring?

New Fight Night Game

If you recall from the last E3 announcement in 2019, Claressa Shields publicly announced that she was to be featured on the new Fight Night game. Afterwards, she redacted her statement and EA Sports denied that there would be a new game.

As a video game community, we know better than this. It is possible that Claressa name dropped the wrong game, or simply was misinformed, but that is unlikely. Whether it is for Fight Night 5, or a completely different franchised boxing series, something is coming to the boxing community.

It is an exciting time for boxing fans. With so many well known boxers climbing the ranks, and making a name for themselves, boxing is now just as exciting as ever. With the 10 year mark coming up, we feel that the next big announcement from EA Sports will mention a return to the boxing ring. What better time to do it at E3 2020?

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