best wii u party games

Best Wii U Party Games

Best Wii U Party Games

We have all been to a lame party before. You get there, the food is bad, the music is no good, and there is nothing fun to do. Well, if you’re looking to liven up the party with either a competitive, strategy and/or action filled game, look no further than our list of the best Wii U party games. These games are all unique in their own and have something special to provide to your party members. Whether you leave the party in a sweat, laughing hysterically, or bitter from the competition you lost, there is no doubt that the party was a success with any of these Wii U games.

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1) Mario Party 8

Released in 2007 as a party game, this Nintendo exclusive still remains one of the best Wii U party games. Now, you are probably wondering why we included Mario Party 8 when there was a Mario Party 9 and a Mario Party 10 that was released. That’s because the general consensus among the gaming community is that Mario Party 8 was much better than the two sequels. With Mario Party 11 in the development stage, only time will tell if it finally surpasses 8.

In the game, you can play with all of the past Mario series characters that we have all grown to love and cherish. The game features various game boards that you must go around while competing with other players in different mini-games. These mini-games are highly competitive and fun which will provide the perfect party Wii U game experience. With over 7 million copies sold, it is no surprise that this deserves to be at the top of our list.

2) Nintendoland

Nintendoland was released in late 2012 and still remains one of the best Wii U party games today. The game features 12 mini-games that are based on popular Nintendo games that you’ll recognize playing over the years. These include; The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Super Mario, Pac-Man, Animal Crossing, The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Donkey Kong, F-Zero, Balloon Fight, Yoshi, Game & Watch Octopus.

The game is set inside of an amusement park where you then are lead into the various mini-games, competing with the other players. What really makes this game so much fun is that the Wii U gamepad allows for a fully controllable and immersive experience. Between the competition, the fun and the rewards, you’ll grow to love this Wii U game for sure. If you are looking for the best Wii U party game, look no further than Nintendoland.

3) Rabbids Land

Rabbids Land is a Ubisoft developed and published game that was exclusively designed to be one of the best Wii U party games. Although it is the seventh installment in the series, this release seemed to outperform the rest. Although the online version of the game was shut down a few years ago, we highly recommend bringing this game out for some fun during the next party you host. With a familiar arcade styled game play, the nostalgia returns back to you as if you never put down the controller, even after all of these years.

With a board game map environment, you are left to compete against the other players in what are known as mini-games. These mini-games are a lot of fun and will have you wishing you could turn into a Rabbid yourself, just so that you can compete for real. The amusement park seems to make the most sense for these types of games, and that is exactly where you are. If you want a fun filled evening where you are begging your friends to “play again”, look no further than Rabbids Land.

4) Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros is probably what most of you had in mind when you first bought your Wii U, I know we did. This iconic game is one of the best Wii U party games available, and for good reason. Published by Nintendo and released in 2014, this iconic fighting game is the perfect way to loosen up the party. With countless maps, game types and characters, this Wii U game will keep you and your party busy for hours.

One new addition to the game is the ability to have giant free for all battles with up to eight players. Imagine getting you and seven of your friends battling on a single screen at the same time? Needless to say, you may need a bigger screen. Whether you are just looking to pass time at a party, or want to provide your company with an action packed evening, you need to play this Wii U game.

5) Wii Party U

Wii Party U may have received mixed reviews at first, but there is a reason it has stuck around for so long. Using the GamePad, you’ll unlock a new gaming potential that you never would have dreamed was possible. With so many game modes, 15 to be exact, there are nearly 100 mini game modes you can enjoy with your party. You can certainly play Wii Party U alone, but it is incredibly fun with a party. This game may have taken off in Japan, but you’ll be surprised to hear that it is one of the most popular Wii U party games in the US, even still today.

6) Wipeout 3

Wipeout 3 is one of those games that you grow to love and enjoy the more you play it. After spending an evening playing this with a group of friends or family, you’ll see why it is one of the Best Wii U party games. As you navigate through various obstacle courses, jumping, dodging and sliding, your friends will thank you for the crazy, fun-filled evening. If you are a competitive person, you’ll love and hate Wipeout 3, all 200 plus courses worth. You may sweat, you may cry, but most of all, you WILL have a blast!

7) Just Dance 2020

Who are my dancers out there? Well, you’re in luck. Just Dance 2020 is not only one of the best Wii U party games, it is also the best dance game. Just Dance was published by Ubisoft in 2009 and then republished in 2019 as Just Dance 2020. If you don’t have a Wii, get one. However, this game is available for just about every major console. Since the game was released, there was also a subscription-based service for accessing additional libraries of songs. Although most of the songs are hip-hop/pop because of the needed dance rhythms, you’ll be able to find a favorite song you can bust a move to.

The best part about Just Dance 2020 on the Wii U is that it lets you burn more calories than any other platform or console. Weight gaming is becoming a popular trend and if you are looking to burn calories while playing video games, look no further than Just Dance. If you are going to host a large party, make sure you have a bunch of space, and water.

8) Game & Wario

Game & Wario was published in 2013 by Nintendo and it made for an awesome party game. It was the eight game in the series, and for most, it was the favorite. In the game, hosts have 16 mini games at their disposal that they can choose to play, these include; Arrow, Shutter, Ski, Patchwork, Kung Fu, Gamer, Design, Ashley, Taxi, Pirate, Bowling, Bird, Disco, Fruit, Islands, Sketch. Using the Wii U gamepad, you can have up to five players at one time, competing to be the winner for any of these fun-filled game modes. Most of these mini games are classics, so whether or not this is one the highest rated or best Wii U party games, it is a classic that your guests will enjoy.

9) Runbow

Runbow was one of those games that was first made popular on the Wii U, and because of it’s popularity, it was brought to other platforms. It is the only game that goes against the norm on our list as it was developed by 13AM Games and it is party of the Unity engine. Although the game is quite different in terms of graphical interfaces (less advanced), it is still a riot and one of the best Wii U party games that your friends will love. Essentially, each player is competing to race to a trophy on each level. Additionally, players can attack others as they compete for the gold each round. Don’t overlook this game as it may just surprise you, seriously.

10) Animal Crossing Amiibo festival

We have arguably saved the best Wii U party game for last. Why you may ask? Well, why not? Not only is it a great source of entertainment for a group party, but you’ll actually see games from the Animal Crossing series in a few other articles as well as it is loads of fun and incorporates various playing experiences and genres. Published by Nintendo in 2015, Animal Crossing remains one of the top played Wii U games today. Many have compared it’s play style to that of Mario Party, which is also on our list, as it features a board game approach. Don’t be surprised to hear that grown men play this game alone at home, it is seriously that good.

Best Wii U Party Games Conclusion

Whether or not you are hosting a party, or if you just want to fill up your hard drive with the latest and greatest party games, there are plenty from our list to pick from. Trying to consolidate a list of the best Wii U party games into a list of only 10 was difficult in and of itself. Each of these games is unique, so no matter what type of party game you are looking for, there should be plenty to find the best one. You many want to hold off on the shooting games, as even these party games can get quite heated due to their competitive nature. Don’t worry, the evening should end in a laugh and with a whole lot of fun.

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