best wii u co op games

Best Wii U Co Op Games

Best Wii U Co Op Games

One of the main appeals of the Nintendo Wii U is its second screen capabilities. This secondary display allows a player to have their own point of view, while other players use the main TV as theirs. This dynamic breeds a new level of co-op gameplay in some games, something not seen in many other consoles in this gen. That said, some games opted for a more conventional multiplayer approach. So, that is why we chose to write about the best Wii U Co Op Games. If you like all of them, you may need a new hard drive to fit them all!

We’ve chosen these 5 games as the best Wii U co-op games. Even though we present these games in no particular order, we’ll give extra points to games that focus on local multiplayer. Nintendo’s consoles have a long history of local multiplayer, and the Wii U is no exception; that aspect is something admirable in this era of online gaming services. Another condition we’ll consider on this list is that the games have to be exclusively cooperative in their multiplayer modes; that means no Super Smash Bros. or Call of Duty will count, as they have optional co-op but their main focus are the competitive modes.

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5.  Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Retro Studios has made a name for themselves that every Nintendo fan recognizes as a seal of quality. They were the ones responsible for breathing new life into the Metroid franchise with the Prime series and they also brought back the Donkey Kong Country series on the Wii. This time, Retro outdid themselves with the fantastic Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, their second Country game, and the first on the Wii U.

Familiar faces from the Kong family return in this game, including Donkey, Diddy, Dixie, and even Cranky Kong. Each one of the characters has their own unique abilities that help with traversing the colorful levels. Listening to complaints about the first reboot on the Wii, Tropical Freeze includes a revamped control scheme that focuses way less on motion controls, and also the pacing of the levels has been heavily improved.

Fans of the classic Country series from the SNES will be happy to hear some familiar songs remixed on this game’s OST. The soundtrack is a thing of beauty, including a real orchestra and dynamic compositions that change depending on what’s going on in the game.

Graphically speaking, this just might be the best-looking Wii U game available. All the character models look fantastic, with detailed fur physics and lively animations and interactions with the scenery. The levels are all set pieces full of detail and charm, and Retro paid extra attention so no two levels feel the same.

The game allows for a two-player co-op mode where the first player controls Donkey and the second player chooses from any of the other remaining Kongs. Each of the player two characters in this mode has access to abilities they can’t use in the single-player mode, making the co-op a unique experience.

4. Super Mario 3D World

The Nintendo 3DS had a complicated relationship with the Wii U. It didn’t quite have the connectivity that the DS and the Wii had, but that didn’t mean the 3DS and the Wii U couldn’t work hand-in-hand. Super Mario 3D World is proof of that.

The original title was Super Mario 3D Land on the 3DS: that game cemented the world and formula, and it was a very good game, but it still felt like a handheld game. Enter 3D World, where all the mechanics established in the portable game were heavily refined, leaving us with a great and unique Mario game.

3D World is the result of mixing classic Mario platforming levels and a new 3D perspective. This also means that the game has a unique aesthetic reminiscent of the worlds seen in Super Mario World on the SNES but on a high definition console, and it’s beautiful. Every corner of 3D World has charm for days, and every character looks well-animated and alive.

It’s a shame that Nintendo hasn’t expanded on this formula further, as the gameplay involved in this game might be the most fun you could have on any Mario game, that goes twice for co-op mode. Up to 4 players can work together to best every level in the game, choosing any of the classic characters from the Mario franchise. An oddity in this game is the ability to play as Peach, as she’s not the one kidnapped this time around.

If one of the player’s using the Wii U Gamepad, they can interact with the world in new and innovative ways to give them the advantage. This includes blowing on the microphone to reveal hidden coins or touching the enemies to freeze them in place. Additionally, some levels include touch screen gimmicks like opening doors sliding your stylus or tilting the gamepad to move the camera.

3. New Super Mario Bros. U

Speaking of classic Mario gameplay, the ‘New’ series has been one of the fan favorites since it debuted back in the Nintendo DS. Each game in the series builds upon every entry before, leaving New Super Mario Bros. U as the ultimate experience in the franchise. Even if the formula might feel a little stalled to some, there’s no denying that there’s still plenty of charm left in the New series.

New to the series is the acorn powerup: it works similarly to the feather in classic Super Mario World, letting you fly for a short amount of time. This title also marks the return of baby Yoshi, and also some new abilities for them like the balloon form. All of these comes with refinements in controls and overall gameplay, reducing the slippery feeling of previous games in the series.

Just like the other ‘New’ games on home consoles, this one allows up to 4 players co-op gameplay on the same console, but this time with a twist. 4 players control the maim characters while a 5th player, using the Wii U Gamepad, helps them positioning new blocks over gaps or helping them with long jumps.

The Wii U Gamepad also allows the 4 players to play the game without using the main TV, playing the game completely on the gamepad’s screen. This game was made from the ground up to showcase the Wii U capabilities, so it’s no surprise that Nintendo really went all out in multiplayer options.

2. Hyrule Warriors

There are few things as cathartic as mowing down hundreds of mobs in a Dynasty Warriors game. Tecmo Koei struck gold when they decided to mix their classic Warriors formula with one of Nintendo’s most iconic franchise, The Legend of Zelda. Hyrule Warriors takes all the best parts from a Warriors game and redefines them with elements from Zelda, creating a cool hybrid that feels like a premium Zelda game.

If you’ve already played a Warriors game before, then most likely you already understand the gist of the formula: you control a character against hundreds and hundreds of enemies and fight to gain control of command posts. All of that is present in Hyrule Warriors, all with a Zelda coating; that means that you’ll see classic enemies from the Zelda series, and their heroes as well.

The original plot of the game takes characters from all over the Zelda series and pits them together against a common threat. Each character can be equipped with unique weapons and their own fighting styles. Furthermore, you can improve every character’s stats to make them more effective in battle. The campaign is complemented with an adventure mode reminiscent of the classic NES Zelda game.

While it’s fun to play by yourself, Hyrule Warriors also includes a 2-player co-op mode. Two players can play together through most of the campaign. This isn’t just for fun but also brings a tactical advantage as you’re able to cover more terrain with two warriors. The graphics are a little lackluster, especially if we compare this title with other Wii U Zelda games, but the main appeal of the game is the masses of enemies on-screen. The Wii U hardware does a superb effort keeping a stable framerate, even when the action heats up

1. Rayman Legends – Best Wii U Co Op Game

Rayman is a name that should be well-known among gamers, even if the list of games with his name isn’t as long as, say, Mario or Zelda. That said, the Rayman franchise struck universal critical acclaim with the release of Rayman Origins. Gamers and critics alike enjoyed the game’s quirky visuals and music-based gameplay.

Following the success of Origins, Rayman Legends improves on the original in every way imaginable. The backgrounds and all the sprite art are handmade, granting the game a unique look that immediately sets it apart from any other game. New to Legends are the music levels, where you must time your movements to the rhythm of the music.

Rayman Legends was developed with the Wii U in mind, and many of its features take advantage of the Wii U Gamepad. The game allows up to 5-players co-op gameplay, with one player using the Gamepad and the other four using either Wii Remotes or Pro Controllers.

Building upon the game’s visuals are the bosses: they are rendered in 3D and can attack from any angle. These visuals can be enjoyed either on your TV or on the Wii U Gamepad’s screen. As an added bonus, the co-op component of the game uses the drop-in mechanic, so any player can join or leave the game at any point without interrupting the gameplay.

Final Thoughts on the Best Wii U Co Op Games

It is truly surprising that we do not see more people playing on the Nintendo Wii U. The immersive experience and the endless fun makes the Wii U one of the best gaming consoles, and in our opinion, the best overall. Still, it isn’t always easy to decide what games to buy, especially just starting out. That is why we put this list together of the best Wii U Co Op games. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for those of you that are new to using a Wii U. If you still aren’t sure where to start, maybe check out our lost of the best wii u games.

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