best wii games for adults

Best Wii Games for Adults

Best Wii Games for Adults

The Nintendo Wii is one of the world’s best-selling consoles. The device was a hit with families, thanks to its innovative control scheme and accessible interface. Sadly, the Wii also garnered a reputation as a toy rather than a console, thanks in part to Nintendo’s well-known stance as a family-friendly developer. While most games on the Wii are, in fact, for all audiences, the console has a collection of mature games that are considered hidden gems by collectors and players alike. That is why we have created this list for those of you interested in finding the best Wii games for adults.

In this list, we’ve compiled the six best games with the ‘Mature’ ESRB rating available on the Wii. These games contain adult material and definitely aren’t family-friendly. Ranging from action to survival-horror, the Wii houses some very unique games, and thanks to its unique controls, these games are more immersive on the Wii than they were on any other console.

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6.  Resident Evil 4

The ultimate game of survival-horror is also available on the Wii, and many consider this to be the definitive edition of the games. Including all the content from the PS2 edition, like Ada’s campaign, and featuring upgraded graphics from those seen on previous generation consoles, this is like the GameCube version of the game on steroids.

Leon S. Kennedy is a special agent fighting bio-terrorism who is assigned to a mission of rescuing the daughter of the President of the United States from a cult-like village in Spain. The game received critics’ praise for it’s shift to a more action-oriented gameplay compared to previous entries in the series. The story’s a bit cheesy, but that is certainly to be expected from a Resident Evil game.

The Wii edition of Resident Evil 4 is also unique in that it uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller for moving and aiming.  This control scheme actually helps, making aiming easier than it is on any other version of the game. Unfortunately, with these motion controls also comes the dreaded “waggling” that the Wii is known for; luckily, waggling only happens rarely on some QTEs.

Keep in mind that the Wii was an infamously SD console, so don’t come in expecting HD graphics on this version. That said, the game still holds up graphically, especially because the game uses upscaled original textures from the GameCube version. Additionally, the game’s presented in a 16:9 aspect ratio, so you won’t get a cropped image on your HDTV.

5. Dead Space Extraction

The gory action of Dead Space made it to the Nintendo Wii, an unlikely amalgam that works flawlessly in this on-rails shooter. Dead Space Extraction is quite different from the other games in this series, mainly because exploration is no longer the main focus and the game plays more like a House of the Dead spin-off.

Another reason why the Wii is such a successful console is that it focusses on multiplayer experiences. Extraction also capitalized on this, and the game is the only one in the Dead Space series that allows local multiplayer. This game was later ported to the Play Station 3, but the Wii original is the only version that includes bonus material about the game’s development.

Extraction’s gameplay allows the use of both Wii remote plus Nunchuck or the Wii Zapper. Just like in the original Dead Space, you can use both weapons and kinesis to manipulate objects in the environment to dispose of your enemies. And speaking of enemies, the necromorphs in Extraction look and move just as disgustingly as they do in the HD titles.

The game’s visuals are some of the best the Wii has to offer, including heavy use of shadows and lighting effects and gruesomely detailed enemies. The Wii really pushes itself in this title, and you won’t feel like the game looks much worse than the original Dead Space.

For fans of the Dead Space mythos, this game is also an important part of the game universe’s lore. The story of Extraction takes place before the events seen in the first Dead Space. The plot deals with the crew of miners responsible for unearthing the Red Marker, unleashing the events of the whole Dead Space franchise in the process.

4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Reflex

The Wii might not be the first console that comes to mind when you think of a Call of Duty game, but the truth is that the series enjoyed some niche popularity on Nintendo’s home console. The Reflex edition of Modern Warfare includes the complete original story seen on the standard game, with the inclusion of new controls and a split-screen multilayer.

The local co-op is one of the strongest suits of this version of the game. Reflex can be played by two people in split-screen multiplayer, something no other version of Modern Warfare can do. At any point, a second player might drop-in the game with their own dedicated crosshair: the second player doesn’t control movement, though, so their experience might be more akin to a rail shooter.

Another milestone of the game was the inclusion of online multiplayer. Even though the Wi-Fi service has stopped working on the Wii, it was quite beefy for the time. Modern Warfare: Reflex included everything that you’d expect from any other modern online Call of Duty, including 10 player matches and customizable classes and killstreaks.

Visually, the game really did wonders on the Wii’s hardware. The visual differences between standard Modern Warfare and Reflex are quite obvious, but Activision push themselves to deliver a visually pleasing experience that still holds up for the console. Rest assured, all the explosive set-pieces seen in the original game are present in this version, so your experience won’t be hindered by graphical fidelity.

An engaging storyline chock-full of twists and turns follows a US Marine and a British SAS operative through operations all around the globe. The game’s story was a breath of fresh air for the franchise, marking the first time it departed from its classic WWII setting and delivering an original narrative reminiscent of Tom Clancy’s novels.

3. Mortal Kombat Armageddon

A very divisive entry in the legendary Mortal Kombat series, Armageddon was supposed to be a swan song for the series, as it embarked in new waters via MK9s reboot. After Mortal Kombat Deception, Armageddon was the last time that Mortal Kombat worked as a fully 3D fighting game, and Armageddon really pushed the envelope of what the series was capable of. Although we grew up on playing Mortal Kombat, this games earns it’s mark as one of the best wii games for adults.

With over 60 characters, Armageddon has the biggest roster in a Mortal Kombat game to date. Including fan-favorites from throughout the franchise’s history, and also including some new characters to keep things interesting. Besides the classic fighters, the game also includes a create-a-character mode where you can create your own fighter to bash against other kombatants.

The new Konquest mode plays like a God of War game: even if it’s a bit short, the beat-’em-up gameplay is fun and engaging, adding variety to the overall game. Also included is a kart racing minigame with characters from the main game; the Wii controller makes steering in this mode a blast, especially when played locally with friends.

The main criticism against this game focuses on the removal of the iconic fatalities. This time around, fatalities are more freeform than they were before, something they dubbed Kreate-A-Fatality. To perform them, you must input a series of attacks and combos. While this eliminates the need of learning every character’s unique fatality command, it also reduces variety and was done undoubtedly due to the sheer amount of characters in the game.

2. Manhunt 2

Developed by Rockstar, who is also responsible for the popular Grand Theft Auto series, Manhunt 2 is one of the Wii’s grittiest and plain meanest games. Manhunt deals with psychotic murderers and violent executions, nothing you would expect to see on Nintendo’s family-friendly Wii. The game garnered some controversy on release due to the overtly violent subject-matter.

The game is an action-stealth blend with a heavy focus on tactical takedowns, and as we said before, these executions are really violent. There’re unique takedowns for every type of weapon in the game. Depending on how confident you are, you can use three levels of executions, with every level becoming more gruesome but also needing more time to execute.

Shadows are your best friend in Manhunt 2. Even if you’re able to commit grisly murders, when engaged in direct combat your chances to survive are considerably hindered. Hiding in the shadows is your best shot when traversing the world of Manhunt. The enemy AI has been tweaked since the first game, and now enemies will be even more vigilant than before.

Even if the game seems to be more of an action game, the plot relies heavily on psychological horror elements which is perfect for you brave adults in search of the best wii games for adults. The story of the game makes you question what’s real and what’s just in your head, as the twists and turns and character relations make you really want to see the tale to its conclusion.

Visuals are a little dated, they were even when the game came out. Luckily, animations are very detailed and in a game like Manhunt 2, whose main attraction is its spectacular executions, they are a huge redeeming factor in the graphics department.

1. No More Heroes – Top Wii Game for Adults

From the twisted mind of Suda 51, creator of such weird classics like Killer 7 and Lollipop Chainsaw, comes No More Heroes. This game is the quintessential Japanese character action game, including lots of over-the-top action and boss battles that’ll trigger your nostalgia for the classic NES games. It’s Grand Theft Auto meets Devil May Cry meets every anime ever and it’s amazing.

Travis Touchdown is an otaku who lives alone in Santa Destroy; his only dream is to become the world’s number 1 assassin, but to do so he must defeat every other assassin on the top rank. Every assassin that you face has its own unique and quirky personality, adding a lot of character to the game, the kind that only Suda 51 knows how to deliver.

While some might find the plot a bit shallow, the experience of playing through No More Heroes is completely worth the price of admission. Depictions of violence are not realistic, and even the blood seems to be highly stylized, but the game earned its Mature rating due to the excessive use of coarse language.

No More Heroes is definitely one of those games that the Wii was made for. Its quirky nature works flawlessly with the console’s own unique features, including the use of the Wii remote as a lightsaber of sorts. The cel-shaded graphics hold up even to this day, and the soundtrack oozes with charm. If you can only get one of the games of this list, definitely go for No More Heroes.

Final Thoughts on the Best Wii Games for Adults

It is truly surprising that we do not see more people playing on the Nintendo Wii U. The immersive experience and the endless fun makes the Wii U one of the best gaming consoles, in our opinion, the best overall. Still, it isn’t always easy to decide what games to buy, especially just starting out. That is why we put this list together of the best Wii games for adults as it is not only a console for kids. Hopefully this will make it a little easier for those of you that are new to using a Wii U. If you still aren’t sure where to start, maybe check out our lost of the best wii u games.

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